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About nintendogs + cats

There's nothing quite like taking home an adorable puppy or kitten. Teaching, caring for, and loving your furry new friend is an experience unlike any other. With the nintendogs™ + cats game on the Nintendo 3DS™ system, you can take that experience anywhere you go—in eye-popping, glasses-free 3D!

The Nintendo 3DS touch screen, camera, and microphone let you interact with your pet in amazing ways, and form a lasting friendship. You may even find yourself reaching out to touch them.

More about Puppies

The more you play with them, the better they get to know you. With no shortage of toys to share, places to walk, and contests to enter, you and your furry friends will have plenty to do. So it's time to pick your favorite breed and start having fun!

Now with Kittens too!

Fluffy, Cuddly Coats

These puppies and kittens have personality to spare.

They'll Recognize You

Put your face to the screen, and they may try to lick you!

Give Them Lots of Love

Pet their ears and their bellies—these guys need some T.L.C.

Show Off Your Pet

More info

Using the StreetPass™ feature, show off your pet to other players.

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