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Train a Winning Puppy!

Your puppy loves to be active, so why not put that energy towards one of three fun competitions? Bring your puppy to the park and the gym to practice, and then let loose in the tournaments to go for first prize!

Disc Competition

Throw a flying disc to test your puppy's running and catching skills. The farther you throw, the more points you'll get. Get extra points if your puppy catches it in mid-air, or in the bonus area!

Lure Coursing

Lightning fast footwork is the name of the game here! In this race, a lure guides your puppy through the track. You control the lure—keep it close, but not too close. Watch out for obstacles too.

Obedience Trial

Using the included AR Cards and the Nintendo 3DS Camera, use voice commands to make your puppy perform tricks, and watch them unfold in the real world. The quicker your puppy performs, the more points you get—so practice often!

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