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Go Out with Your Puppy

Taking your puppy out for a walk is always an adventure! You might cross paths with fellow pet owners, or even find some fun trinkets. Try taking a walk during the morning, day, and evening—you may find lots of things are different.

Make friends with other puppies.

Watch them sniff out goodies!

Keeping Your Puppy Clean

Walking, playing, and rolling around can get your puppy quite dirty. It's a good idea to wash them with a bit of shampoo every now and then. They love it!

When puppy starts to itch, it's time to clean!

Sights to See on Puppy Walks


Hang with Precious, the Café cat, and munch on puppy treats.


Get in some exercise, and practice for the Lure Coursing race!

The Rare Shop

You'll find some cool stuff at this shop, only found on walks.


Play with flying discs and meet up with other puppies here.

A Puppy Pedometer!

You can have the Nintendo 3DS pedometer feature keep track of your steps out in the real world as long as you've got your Nintendo 3DS system on you. Turn this feature on, and every step you take counts as a step for your puppy. Surely your puppy will love to take a walk with you!

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