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Life with Your Kitten

Once you've taken home your first puppy, given it a name, teach it to sit, and earn some money, you can head back to the kennel and choose a kitten. With three kitten types—Standard, Oriental Shorthair, and Longhair—plus lots of different pattern options, you'll surely find a kitten that tickles your fancy!

Types and patterns



Long Hair

Free Spirited Felines

Kittens often tend to their own business. You'll find them napping in nooks around your room, grooming themselves, and climbing cat towers. They won't learn tricks or get too close to you most of the time, but they'll show their love in other ways.

  • Buy special kitten food and toys to make
    them go "purrrrrr."

  • Kittens love high places, so pick up tall furniture for your place.

  • Ever the explorers, they might even find something fun for you.

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