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Life with Your Puppy

All shapes, sizes, and breeds of puppy are waiting for you at the kennel, each with different features. What kind of puppy would you like to take home?

Once your puppy comes home with you, it's time for some bonding and training! Speak into the Nintendo 3DS microphone to teach the puppy its name, and how to sit. You'll be able to teach it lots more too.

All sorts of ways to connect with your puppy

Puppies love to play with their owners. Bring home toys, from tennis balls to balloons, and have a blast with your puppy! Make sure to give them food and water though, they can work up quite an appetite.

  • Play with toys

  • Dress them up

  • Feed them treats


Pick up all sorts of fun goodies for your puppy at one of six shops. The money you make from taking part in competitions will let you buy everything you need to keep your puppy fed, clothed, and entertained!

  • Item shop

    Find all the essentials here, like food, toys, and brushes.

  • Accessory shop

    Turn your pet into a fashionista with cool shades, hats, and more.

  • Interior design shop

    Trick out your room with furniture that your furry friend will love!

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