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Using StreetPass

When enabled, StreetPass™ communication lets you share puppy data as well as a gift with other pet owners you've passed on the street. Once you've passed by another nintendogs™ + cats player on the train, at school, or on the playground, you'll see their Mii™ character and pet in your in-game park!

How it Works

All you have to do is enable StreetPass and set up some basic info in your in-game Journal. These details will get passed to other players who have StreetPass activated when you stroll past them out in the real world. This info is sent even when your Nintendo 3DS system is closed and in Sleep Mode. When you start playing again, you'll see which players you passed by on your trip. Share info with enough players, and you'll be able to adopt new breeds over at the kennel—so be sure spend lots of time with your family by taking walks in your neighborhood!

Cool Stuff You Can Share

Your Mii™ character

Pictures of your puppies

Short messages

Toys & other gifts

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